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Gustavo Obligado

Gustavo Obligado is an exceptionally talented musician, improviser, composer, and performer who has made an impressive mark in the music industry. Born in the year 1990 in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, he has dedicated his life to the creation of fantastic music that moves and inspires fans from all over the world. With his vast experience and exceptional skills, Gustavo has made an impact through his involvement in multiple projects such as Arura, Caprís, Falsx Conejx, Motor, NoWa, Sanchez, and SNA. He has also had the privilege of touring several countries in Europe, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, the USA, Peru, and Mexico, where he has been able to showcase his incredible talent to audiences in these diverse and exciting locations. With an impressive discography of over 20 albums, Gustavo is also continually exploring new avenues in music by working on an electronic extension of his saxophone, which is a testament to his versatility and dedication to this art form.

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11.11 Supernintendo Archundia

At Cyberdream Party, TRxxxTR, Berlin
Secret Location

22.09 Supernintendo Archundia

At Supamolly, Berlin
Jessnerstraße 41, 10247 Berlin

06.09 with Ada Rave & Simone Weißenfels

At Hosek Contemporary, Berlin
The gallery is located at MS HEIMATLAND close to Fischerinsel 2 10179 Berlin


Showcasing 8 Projects


Arura is an atavic entity. It existed before us, and it manifested here on Berlin on 2020, in the form of us, two human beings from a remote place called Argentina, known as Gustavo Obligado and Sebastian Erdmann. Arura plays us, we are mere vehicles that execute electronic instruments.


Falsx conejo is a production project currently based in the city of Berlin, composed of Argentine artists Carla Abilés and Gustavo Obligado. FALSO CONEJX combines performance, installation, and sound in their work. They have exhibited installations at various events, including a sound installation called “3 en 10” using interconnected flour bags, and an installation titled “Consumisa” featuring a cardboard chapel with projections of burning flames. They have also performed online concerts using found sound objects and electronic devices. FALSO CONEJX focuses on creating transient poetic scenarios that highlight everyday situations, exploring themes such as commerce, power dynamics, resistance, labor precarity, and migration. They are currently working on their first EP.


Hapax Kollektiv is a musical project dedicated to the interpretation of contemporary musical pieces. The music of HAPAX KOLLEKTIV aims to create a captivating and immersive experience. The collective is composed of Argentine musicians residing in Berlin, Germany, and is made up of the following members: Gustavo Obligado on alto saxophone, Sofia Salvo on baritone saxophone, Guido Kohn on cello, Emiliano Salvatore on electric guitar, Julián Galay with tuning forks, and Ángeles Rojas on shruti.


Salvatore Obligado is a music duo they use repetitive sound materials drifting among dense atmospheres. Blending solos leading to combined textures.


Sanchez is a project that was born during the winter lockdown in Berlin. Faced with the impossibility of playing in public spaces, the sessions at home became a space for exploration and together they developed a collective improvisational language where the lines between electronic and acoustic, music and noise were blurred.

Sanchez is also the search for identity of 3 Latin Americans in Berlin.


Gustavo Obligado is a musician, improviser, composer and performer born in 1990 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began his studies in academic music at the Superior Conservatory “Manuel de Falla”. He finished the Expanded Music Postgraduate Course at UNSAM 2018. He attended the Composition Workshop taught by maestro Ricardo Capellano at CEMFA 2017. Interested in popular music, he studied with saxophonists Ramiro Flores, Ada Rave and Rodrigo Dominguez. He is part of various projects that include original music: Arura, Falsx Conejo, Motor, Nowa, Caprís, Tecla Gato, Flujus. He has two albums released as a soloist “Phenomenas” (2017) “Phenomenas Vivas” (2018).He is currently presenting the group performance “Ululófono”. He is the organizer and curator of the ENCRUCIJADA Cycle since 2016 and of the sOnOraje cycle since 2019. He has produced the experimental music podcast “se oyó bulla” since 2020.  He toured Europe, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, the United States, Peru and Mexico.

Photo by Frank Vogelsteller


SNA is a high intensity electronic duo based in Berlin. Their set employs a variety of synthesizers, drum machines, sequencers, as well as instruments played in real time to capture the essence of an authentic live set. Influenced by vaporwave, acid, psytrance and other genres, VNNTX and OBRIGADO carry on with the DIY spirit of the music scene from Buenos Aires and into the heart of Berlin. 


Tripas is a group integrated by Laura Robles: Ecajon-Ebass, Gustavo Obligado: Saxophone-Clarinet and Tom Kessler: guitar and Edrum, is a mixture of Latin American chaotic urban sounds, Folklore and free Improvisation.

For two years the 3 musicians have been using different rhythmic elements of Latin American popular music and the noise that characterizes the continent to create new sounds, melodies and rhythms with traditional instruments and machines built by Tom K.

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projects and collaborations

Showcasing 8 Projects

I collaborate closely to enhance ideas in various fields where sound and music serve as experiential elements: Recordings,Sound Installations, Video Art, Film Music, Theater, Performances, Custom Artistic Projects, among others. I’ve had the privilege of working with artists from different disciplines, undertaking projects that explore the intersection between sound and various forms of artistic expression. My creative approach adapts to the specific needs of your project, in addition to meeting the technical requirements outlined in each case.